Peer Ministry

The Peer Ministry Program of Ascension Catholic High School is designed to assist students take a more active role in the helping process. The program design facilitates young people to become more effective witnesses to the Christian life and helpers of their peers. It is available to Junior and Seniors.


A Peer Minister is a role model, someone who lives the Christian faith and is above reproach. For this reason a Peer Minister must have a good disciplinary record, must be one who serves his or her Church, school and community. A Peer Minister must also have a good grade point average since they will have to miss some class time. Those who would like to be Peer Minister submit their names and the Moderator, Administration, and Faculty makes the final decision as to those who are chosen.


                                    Job Description of a Peer Minister

A Peer Minister…

  • Gives Christian witness to the Catholic way of life. Faith in action.
  • Serves as a leader and role model for peers
  • Participates in training and preparation necessary to carry out ministry
  • Takes a leadership role in the planning and implementation of Prayer Days skits, music and group sessions for students
  • Serves as a small group leader for Prayer Days and other sessions
  • Leads singing and other activities at Prayer Days and Retreats
  • Gives witness talks
  • Shares faith and experiences with peers


What is a Peer Minister

Is someone who…

  • Encourages trust, openness, honesty, comfort and empathy
  • Will be looked to by others as a positive Christian role model
  • Has faith and is not afraid to share it
  • Is a friend who listens carefully and with full attention to what peers have to say
  • Can be trusted and confided in
  • Provides mental, emotional and spiritual support
  • Is dependable, keeps commitments
  • Does not pretend to be an expert
  • Respects confidentiality
  • Helps by giving only correct information
  • Is friendly and cares about others
  • Is willing to give time
  • Understands that not all problems can be solved and not all people can be helped
  • Refers troubled students to counselors or appropriate adult helpers
  • Accepts people as they are
  • Listens, clarifies and helps people see alternatives to decision making
  • Validates people without being phony
  • Works well with people who have normal development (“growing up”) problems

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